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"We are associated to protect our investment here in Glenwood; we are associated to ensure that this is a good neighborhood, and a suitable place to bring up our children; we are associated for the purpose of being good neighbors one to the other, and to make Glenwood a happy and desirable place in which we can live and have our being."  --Spike Spencer (Glenwood Association President 1936-1938)

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Beginning 94 years ago, the Glenwood Association has created a high quality of life for the Greater Erie area. Located in southern Erie, the area known as "Glenwood" began with a group of "pioneers" who left the city to develop this special area. The past and present members of the Glenwood Association are the reason for the success of this local community.  Since its official birth on May 12, 1925, the Association has devoted itself whole-heartedly to the desire of perpetuating a happy and neighborly place to live and raise families. Particular residents have given their time and abilities to the Association in order to advance the dream started long ago. Herbert (Spike) Spencer, President of the Association from 1936 to 1938, stated in 1958 that "...loving guidance is the spirit which held Glenwood together and made it a community entirely different and distinctive from any other in this city."  The Glenwood Association has played a vital role in developing many successful organizations and projects, such as the John C. Martin (Glenwood) Golf Course, the John M. Cochran (Glenwood) Ice Skating Rink, and the Erie (Glenwood) Zoo, just to name a few. Their leadership and guidance has molded these ventures into community success stories. The history explores the origin and development of each project as well as the Association's role in their attainment.  The story of Glenwood is a story of victory. By visiting the area, one can still sense the undying spirit of its founders through the historical sites, such as the zoo's administration building, the driftcatcher, and the golf course, to name a few.

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Association Information

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Association Information

Association Information

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Glenwood Association

PO Box 3571, Erie, PA 16508, US

Glenwood Association Board of Directors

President: Gary Mokris

Vice President: Bob Neumaier

Secretary: Karen Sullivan

Treasurer:  Becky Mokris

Danine Smola

Denise Sebald

Ted Ely

Georgiana Ely

Ron Kunco